Dinerbon Den Haag Atithi
Herengracht 7
2511 EG Den Haag
085 060 6009
Dinerbon Den Haag Atithi
Dinerbon Den Haag Atithi

Atithi, a chain of Authentic Indian Restaurant in The Netherlands has opened its 3rd Indian Restaurant in the beautiful center of The Hague which is the epitome of comfort, distinctiveness, augmented ambiance, health, and taste.

The moment you enter this restaurant, you feel the attention to details that have been put in while designing the restaurant. Their crockery, glassware, cutlery all are specifically designed to keep your comfort and preference in focus. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the special Indian thali platter that they have very delicately procured to give you a highly rich Indian dine-in experience.

Team Atithi has done a great job in handpicking each and every item for our new restaurant – be it a Natural Agate stone bar, high-end flooring, wall and ceiling panels, unique signage, colors infused in the interiors, or exquisite lighting. This all sets a paradigm for Indian Restaurants all over the world.

The cuisine at Atithi intertwines many aspects of our philosophy. Nature and ecology always inspire how the seasons and our supply chain influence our menu. Our emphasis is on the procurement of seasonal, indigenous fresh produce locally, and aged produce from India which allows us to develop a supply chain that is as sustainable as possible, working with a network of regional vendors. Packaged or canned food products are minimal; instead, the emphasis is on making almost all our products from natural ingredients.

The cuisine at Atithi practices not only make the food healthier and more nutritious for our guests but also reduce our carbon footprint.

The Kitchen is designed in a way where that guests can learn the cooking from the great chefs in a cooking session.

Ayurveda Food & Beverage consultation is provided by the General Manager Hari Bhatt. He determines the body type dosha and guides you for your conducive diet, which is highly beneficial for your overall wellbeing – be it physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional.

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