Brasserie du Levant

Dinerbon Amsterdam Brasserie du Levant
Gerard Doustraat 33
1072 VK Amsterdam
020 233 9938
Dinerbon Amsterdam Brasserie du Levant
Dinerbon Amsterdam Brasserie du Levant

We believe there is a deep connection between past and present, a fusion of ancient and modern traditions.

We believe in the preservation of what makes a culture unique- its flavors. Our dishes are created with a harmonious balance between history and present day, an aesthetic representation of old-world traditions and contemporary sensibilities.

Mems is a Brasserie du Levant in the heart of the trendy Pijp. The atmosphere is jazzy, sophisticated- a gathering place for eating, imbibing, enjoying & laughing with loved ones.

Our plates are infused with character and charisma to please the senses, while our eclectic menu has been created to provide a refreshing tonic for the palate- to entice and to nourish.

Come revive and awaken your eating experience because Mems will feed you.

Ook hier kunt u terecht met uw dinercheque of dinerbon!

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8 . 3 /10