Xixo Vietnamese Restaurant

Dinerbon Haarlem Xixo Vietnamese Restaurant
Kleine Houtstraat 31
2011 DE Haarlem
023 7370729
Dinerbon Haarlem Xixo Vietnamese Restaurant

Xixo Haarlem proudly serve you authentic South-Vietnamese cuisine in a modern setting.
We only use the freshest ingredients to create healthy and tasteful dishes without much additions.
You should try the few special drinks and the wine we serve which matches with the food we make.
To give our customers a tour of South-Vietnam food we chose to have a bigger menu than usual.
Our menu contains more than 10 restaurants in Vietnam when Vietnamese restaurants usually just have 1 or 2 dishes so they can make everything fresh and focus more on quality.
Making everything ourself makes us flexible to listen what guest really want because we know what we use in our dishes and the guest know what they like or cannot eat.

In the Netherlands we say “zie je zo” which means “see you soon” so thats what we want to say, Xixo and we want to serve the best Vietnamese food, Chúc ăn ngon

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