The Golden Stork

Dinerbon Den Haag The Golden Stork
Bierkade 22
2512 AB Den Haag
Dinerbon Den Haag The Golden Stork
Dinerbon Den Haag The Golden Stork
As you can see, we, The Golden Stork, are actually an hostel. But because our love and passion for coffee and food, we wanted something more than that. This is why we decided on being a coffee bar and lunchroom as well, combined with having awesome dinner dishes! 

We offer fresh, healthy and comfort food for an affordable price. And: everything is freshly made in our kitchen. Not only do we have awesome sandwiches, but we also make sweets like Banana Bread and Lemon Loaf and serve dishes like Mac&Cheese and Spinach Quiches! 

Because we are an hostel as well, we get inspired every day by different cultures and habits. People from all around the world come over at our hostel and every country had its different ways of serving food.  
This is why our food can be something you’ve never eaten of even something you’ve never heard of. We love to bring new experiences into peoples lives, and in this case, we want to bring that to you by delicious food!

Ook hier kunt u terecht met uw dinercheque of dinerbon!

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